This Arrangement.

A girl. A Boy.

The unpredictable waters of the lake that separates them.

All the ingredients for touching drama? Or simple sentimentality?


Maybe, in our modern world of 24:7 communication and sophisticated media-savvy consumerism, we’ve forgotten that love is often touching, honest, and true, and that in its’ purest form sentiment is as direct a way to the human heart as love is itself.


How else could we explain the continuing popularity of the Maori song Pokarekare Ana?


In these pages I’ve gathered together just a little of the history surrounding it, and include above my own piano version, as well as others if you dig a little deeper into the site.



Pokarekare Ana For Piano  Click on the arrow to play

On the shores of Lake Rotorua a young man prepares for the journey across to meet the girl he loves. The wind builds, and the weather whips up the waves. Undeterred he continues until, at last, the waves are becalmed, and he is able to be in her arms at last.

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