This Arrangement.

But Why The New Arrangement?


A picture paints, so it is claimed, a thousand words. This particular picture comes pretty near, showing as it does a dozen New Zealander’s out of their natural environment, and on display in London NW10 during May 2006.


Graham, on the right in the picture, and wearing a red rose as a button hole, is my partner, and this picture is from the celebrations on the day of our civil partnership. There are lots of lovely people in the picture, but a quick name check to Janene - in black and holding the corner of the flag - who flew all the way from New Zealand leaving Brooke, Erin, and Cameron with husband Pete - to be with us on our special day. My favourite in-laws!


As Kiwi away from home, Graham rarely misses the opportunity to have a drink with friends and break into song. Loudly, if not always tunefully. And only ever one song. Pokarekare Ana...

So it was that I thought I’d try to re-inject the song I’d heard so many times before with a little musicality.


For a start, I hadn’t realised there were more verses. We only ever seem to get treated to:


Pōkarekare ana ngā wai o Rotorua

Whiti atu koe hine marino ana e.


E hine e hoki mai ra.

Ka mate ahau I te aroha e.

Happy Birthday Graham


So my new arrangement was Graham’s 45th Birthday Present. First performed at his Birthday Party on Saturday 20th June 2009, at our home in London.


Thanks to all who came along to make the event such a success. To Alexander (Bermange) for playing us a medley of songs from his shows, and to everyone’s kind words about this new arrangement.